- Family Owned and Operated
- No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Feedlot.
- Buy the Best, Buy Local!


OGA's Beef cattle are 100% Black Angus. Our steers are raised naturally and humanely in a low stress environment to deliver beef with exceptional tenderness and flavor. They are grass fed their whole lives, and "Never" given any steroids or hormones. Locally sourced free choice grain is made available to our steers near finishing time to give them that perfect bit of marbling.

Unlike the supermarket where a package of hamburger could be a mixture of 100's of different animals, the beef you purchase from Olde Gate Angus comes from one steer. We can proudly track that steers care, health, and diet from its beginning all the way to your table at home. Our careful process of breeding and feeding of local all natural forges produces a pure savory flavor that is not found in your supermarkets.

- We sell by the 1/2's and whole. If you prefer a smaller amount, splitting a 1/2 with a friend is a great way of getting a smaller quantity.

- Our beef sells for $3.50 a pound (hanging weight).

- Additionally, the butcher will charge you approx a $1.00 a pound (hanging weight) for processing your custom cuts, aging your beef, vacuum packaging/labeling, and freezing.

Be sure to contact us soon to get your orders and deposits in. Right now we are expecting the beef to be ready mid June...just in time for the 4th of July.